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Setcan® Corporation was established in 2006 to provide ONLY the finest reality based training products and Instructor training certifications available to Officer Safety/Defensive Tactics/Use of Force/Instructor Trainers and Master Instructors in law enforcement, military, corrections and security agencies. It is now the WORLD'S LARGEST provider of reality based training equipment and Instructor level certifications. Setcan® is the worldwide exclusive distributor of the Shocknife®, Blue Baton™, DTS Tools™, EyeLock Eye Tracking System™, BattleField FX™, Blood Mats™, and the StressVest™.

Shocknife Logo

Shocknife Inc was incorporated in November 2004, to research, design, commercialize, and distribute the patented Shocknife training knife. It is the only training knife in the world capable of inducing the necessary fear and acute stress required for realistic and effective training. Shocknife® revolutionized edged weapon training and has won numerous awards and is now used in over 500 agencies academies worldwide in over 15 countries including the FBI, US Secret Service, US Military, US Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, US Border Patrol, US Federal Air Marshalls, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Shocknife® Inc. is a sister company of StressVest™ Inc. and Setcan® Corporation

Stressvest Logo

StressVest™ Inc. is a privately owned North American company whose sole objective is to revolutionize the firearm force on force training industry with the only non projectile system with a pain penalty that induces the necessary stress required for realistic training. StressVest™ is designed to improve tactical firearm force on force training in law enforcement, military, security and corrections markets around the world.

StressVest™ Inc. is a sister company of Shocknife® Inc. and Setcan® Corporation.