Setcan™ Ground Escape Tactics for Uniform Patrol Instructor Course
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Course Description:

G.E.T. U.P.! Ground Escape Tactics for Uniform Patrol is a simple, ground prevention and positional escape program. This two day Instructor course focuses on the goal of removing yourself from a ground assault. This is not a ground fighting program with the goal of physically controlling an individual. The first day consists of learning the skills, while the second day concentrates on how to effectively teach the program.

Course Topics:

Ground Prevention
There are several ways an officer can end up on the ground. They can be grappled to the ground, punched to the ground, or end up there accidently as a result of losing their footing. The course teaches strategies to prevent being forced to the ground by an attacker.

Ground Survival Principles
In a real ground assault situation, it is highly unlikely that the officer will be able to immediately escape. The officer may have to protect themselves from blows, secure their weapons, or wait for the right escape opportunity. By applying the principles of ground survival, the officer can dramatically improve their ability to survive the initial onslaught, and then win the encounter by escaping from the ground.

Physical Escape Tactics
The physical escape tactics act as a road map to escape the five most common positions an officer may find themselves during a ground assault. Four of the five escapes all lead to the same escape tactic. This ensures a higher likelihood of retention of the skills long after initial training.

Weapon Assisted Escapes
Officers carrying Electronic Immobilization Devices are taught how to deploy the device from various positions while on the ground. This can be one of the most effective means of escape for officers of all size and skill levels.

Mental Resiliency Strategies
Fighting on the ground can be overwhelming and exhausting. Officers need to be taught strategies on how to mentally maintain the winning mindset. Drills and strategies are taught to ensure your officers will win the fight!