SABRE introduced Law Enforcement Aerosol Projectors in 1997. Agencies worldwide have switched to SABRE products because of SABRE’s product performance, independent laboratory testing, quality control, HPLC guarantee, training and service. Security Equipment Corporation is now the global leader in Aerosol Projectors and is proud that the following agencies have chosen SABRE Aerosol Products for their agency.

  • Vancouver Police Department
  • New York Police Department
  • Calgary Police Department
  • Chicago Police Department
  • Winnipeg Police Service
  • Houston Police Department
  • Tampa Police Department
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Department of Fisheries & Oceans – Canada . . . .and many, many more!

Level I, II & III Formulations
Each formulation incorporates the advantages common to SABRE products. Choose your ideal heat level.

  • SABRE Defense (10% OC @ .33% Major Capsaicinoids)
  • SABRE 5.0 (5% OC @ ..67% Major Capsaicinoids)
  • SABRE RED (10% OC @ 1.33% Major Capsaicinoids)

TAC (Target Acquisition Confirmation)
Eliminate failures due to missed target acquisition! The natural OC pigment (shown at right) permits identification of contact area confirming if a second more accurate shot is required.

Ultraviolet Marking Dye
Identify subjects up to 48 hour post exposure. The UV Dye is detectable on both skin & clothing.

EID Compatibility
All models listed in the SABRE Law Enforcement Catalogue (stream, cone, foam, and fog) are EID compatible (video and documentation available).

Deployment Versatility
Increase Target Acquisition when subjects duck or attempt to block spray. SABRE MK-2 (Flip-Top), MK-3, MK-3.5 & MK-4 will fire upside down (see chart below).

Sabre Product Deployment Options
Delivery Bursts Action
Stream ½ Second Quick Shots No Shaking Needed
Cone ½ Second Quick ;Shots Shaking Required
Foam ½ Second Quick Shots Shake If Necessary


Continuous OC Spray Deployment From Any Angle

  • Crossfire Technology is currently available with SABRE DEFENSE, SABRE 5.0, and SABRE Red formulations.
  • Crossfire will deploy vertically downward, from a horizontal position, if needed.
  • Crossfire will deploy vertically upward, from a horizontal position, if needed.
  • Inert training units featuring Crossfire Technology are also available.

SABRE INERT Training Products -
Maximize OC Success by Mastering Proper Spray Techniques

Stream, Cone, Foam training canisters available in all sizes. Replace 2nd digit of your live SABRE product with the number “0” and you have its training product counterpart. For example, training model for 52H2O10 (SABRE RED MK-3 stream) is 50H2O10. Also available in Crossfire!

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