Setcan® AirAware

The olfactory system (sense of smell), is one the most powerful systems to provide sensory information to your brain. This is because it is the only system that is directly hardwired to your amygdala and does not require filtering through the thalamus. This allows scents to form powerful memories that can endear for a lifetime. Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience to smell a dead body that has begun to rot will attest to this. Now the power of scent can be tapped into to take your reality based training scenarios to the next level!

Officers can learn to recognize this unique smell with one training exposure. This can assist in recognizing a lab right at their breaching point, before they penetrate and place themselves at risk.

Choose one of our adverse scents like dead bodies or vomit to create a scenario that is unpleasant and instantly creates the real world environment in which police work.

Our gunshot smells provide cues to students that shots have been fired the moment they enter the training environment. Gasoline and burning smells can be used to suggest the use of IEDs or fires being lit.

AirAware . . . it just makes scents!

Setcan® AirAware Scent Delivery Systems

Activation Motion activated, optional manual button Mobile App Control, WiFi/Bluetooth™
Coverage Up to 12 ft (3.65m) directional Up to 1,000 sq. ft
Dimensions 5”H x 3”L x 4.6”D
12.7cm H x 7.6cm L x 11.7cm D
12”H x 6”W x 6"D
30.4cm H x 15.2cm W x 15.2cm D
Weights 0.5 lbs (227g) 1.35 lbs (612g)
with battery pack
3.7lbs (1.67kg)

Scent Cartridges:

Scent cartridges are sold separately for AirAware Pop and Wave delivery systems. Each cartridge is capable of delivering one of the following scents. Scent cartridge life is approximately 300 hours when stored properly.

  • Burning Rubber
  • Urine
  • Roasting Meat
  • Marijuana

Setcan® AirAware Products

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AirAware Pop

The AirAware Pop scent delivery system is ideal for delivering scents in a single training room. It can be easily incorporated into various training environment. The AC or battery powered unit is also available with magnets. The system is loaded with a scent cartridge that is embedded with your choice of scent. Easy to replace, these cartridges enable you to change scents to coordinate with scenario/exercise or special effects and deliver scent in a clean and controlled way.

AirAware Pop Motion Sensor Delivery System

AirAware Pop Push Button & Motion Sensor Delivery System

AirAware Pop Cartridge

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AirAware Whisper™ Pro

Whisper™ PRO with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth is an ultra-quiet, flexible system, best for scenting small spaces. Create schedules and control intensity with your phone using the ScentAir app. Easy-change cartridges release dry, even fragrance for up to 300 hours.

AirAware Wave Delivery System
Item #ST-AA-WPB (Black)
Item #ST-AA-WPW (White)

AirAware Whisper Pro Cartridge
Item #ST-AA-WP-C

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AirAware Event Cartridge

The AirAware Event Cartridge scent delivery system is your ideal solution for creating scent environments in any large training area. This simple solution uses a dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils.

  • Includes Disposable Delivery System and Scent Cartridge in one.
  • Good for 48 hours (In between training days, just keep sealed in air tight ZipLock storage bag)


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