Chemical Aerosol Projector Basic Instructor Certification
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Course Profile:

This 1-day (10-hour) Basic Instructor Certification program was designed for agencies to update, train and certify departmental Instructors in Chemical Aerosol Projectors for SABRE Aerosols. This course was designed to enhance the instructor’s development in the formulations, spray patterns, levels of contaminations, physical and mental effects of chemical agents, legal and medical issues, product and training liability, deployment methods, and the combination and use of aerosols. This course concentrates the technical and tactical applications of this information and instructor developmental skills. This training will assist instructors on enhancing their own systems, which will improve the arresting officer’s skills, enhance their proficiency in the street and increase the odds of survival both in and out of the court room.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Importance of Laying the Verbal Foundation Aerosol Deployment Methods
  • Integral use of force options Identifying the danger areas
  • Aerosol Weapon Transitions Use for Force for Aerosol Units
  • Decontamination & Documentation SABRE overview

Registrants receive access to latest SABRE Instructor course materials including:

  • Safety Briefing
  • MK-3/MK-4 Inert Drills
  • Student Contamination Protocol
  • Student Contamination Drills
  • Decontamination Steps
  • End User PowerPoint
SABRE® Online Instructor Recertification Course