Neck Check®

The World's First Feedback Device for Training Vascular Neck Restraints

What is Neck Check?

It is a training product designed to be worn by a role player or training partner when learning neck restraint techniques. The Neck Check provides immediate feedback when inappropriate pressure is applied to the respiratory tract. When the technique is applied improperly an alarm will sound.

How does it work?

Three individual force sensors are strategically positioned over the front and sides of the respiratory tract. When too much pressure is being applied to the windpipe and associated structures, the Neck Check will provide either visual feedback, audio feedback or both.

Can the method of feedback be varied?

Yes. There are four separate modes.

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    Neck Check® Modes

  • Mode 1 (Audio Feedback Only): When too much pressure is being applied to the area of the respiratory tract an alarm sounds immediately. The alarm stops when the pressure is released. This provides immediate feedback to both the student and instructor.
  • Mode 2 (Visual Feedback Only): An excellent mode for testing the technique of students. When inappropriate pressure is applied to the respiratory tract a red light illuminates on the rear of the Neck Check. The light will stay illuminated until reset by the instructor. The position of the light prevents the student from seeing the light until after the hold is released. This allows for use of the Neck Check without the potential to condition the student to using the alarm for feedback.
  • Mode 3 (Both Audio and Visual Feedback): Allows for both audio and visual feedback at the same time.
  • Mode 4 (Audio and Visual feedback): Allows for both audio and visual feedback. The sensors are optimized for closed neck restraint techniques.


"The Neck Check is an innovative training tool designed to enhance the safe and proper application of Vascular Neck Restraint techniques under stressful and dynamic conditions. The Carotid Restraint Training Institute (CRTI) highly recommends use of the Neck Check for all agencies currently permitting the use of this force option as a method to improve training and reduce litigation risk. This year, CRTI will be implementing the Neck Check in our standard instructor course curriculum. Thank you for developing this valuable training tool and for your support in improving law enforcement training practices!"

James E. Boydd (Sgt. Ret.)
CRTI Program Director

"The Neck Check is the first training tool for law enforcement that provides objective feedback on when a vascular neck restraint is being properly applied. It allows for full dynamic application that provides feedback while increasing the safety template for your role players. I will no longer teach neck restraints to law enforcement without it."

Justin "Juice" Casavant
Law Enforcement Officer/Trainer & 3rd Degree Judo Black Belt

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Neck Check®


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