"I've been teaching in the Reality Based Training realm for most of my adult life, and every now and then a new technology emerges that fills a void that helps us train more realistically. When David and I came out with our marking cartridges, that was one. While there have been a number of interesting innovations following in that footstep, a few have stood out for me. One was the ShocKnife (www.shocknife.com) that allowed us an edged weapon training device that people actually wanted to stay away from! (fancy that .. staying away from a blade ... duh) The most recent addition to the RBT realm has been a device which, up until recently, I had to find stop-gap measures to include in my training courses. With the advent of collapsible batons, I have been hard pressed as to how to include these devices in realistic training. My "solution" had been to allow students to bring their real collapsible into the training scenario. Since my instructors are typically within an arm's reach of the student, if the student chose the baton option they would deploy their real baton as they normally would, and we would pause the scenario in order to swap it out for a foam dummy baton. All of that has now changed. A fellow trainer from Canada has developed and is now selling a collapsible training baton. I give this device high marks for utility and realism. I've used it in classes and it has been a huge hit (pardon the pun).

If your officers utilize collapsible batons in an operational setting, these training batons are a "must have".

It is a training baton that functions identically to a conventional collapsible baton with the exception that the striking part (last shaft and striking tip) is made from a flexible synthetic rubber. It is sufficiently rigid that it stings on unprotected body parts, but will not injure the way a conventional baton will.

I heartily endorse this product."

Kenneth Murray
- Co-Founder of SIMUNITION® and author of the book "Training at the Speed of Life - The Definitive Textbook for Police and Military Reality Based Training"

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